3 Davrians

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3 Davrians

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Hello everybody,

I have to admit that I own 3 davrians a
MK4 ELG 901B, Body number 4036, currently British Racing Green with two Yellow strips (was Black) Imp powered 998 with R17 running twin 40s Webbers. Looking to go injection.
MK7a BRK 404Y, off road at present awaiting rebuild, looking to instal 1800 K series transverse mid mount, using modified MGF suspension etc.
Racing Imp, purchased back 1991 to go racing, but broke my leg, now striped awaiting rebuild and race series to race in. This will be Imp powered full race 998 running twin 40s Webbers.

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Re: 3 Davrians

Post by mdh »

So will the Mk7 be on the road soon? The K must be in by now, surely?? :-)

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Re: 3 Davrians

Post by gregsond »

Hi the mark 4 is amazing!
How long have you had it and has it taken a lot of time to get it to perfection.
I can only dream of owning such a beauty but would be very interested should you ever want to part with it

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