Is this yours?.

List known surviving cars here
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Is this yours?.

Post by Dave6091 »

A friend of mine found this pic in an old photo album, he took it in the silverstone car park in 1981 when he was 10!.
Looks to me like a Mk5 reg no WTM 53K?, wonder where it is now.



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Re: Is this yours?.

Post by motorsportjohn »

Last registered owner was Matthew Slinn. Car is DI/5/5050.

Don't forget to keep the NDR advised of all changes of ownership!

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Re: Is this yours?.

Post by richc »

Yes it is. Mine that is. Although it looks a bit different these days

I've owned it for the last 8 years or so I think? Although I must confess it's not been on the road for a few years and is sitting in my garage in Brighton while I decide what to do with it

Really interested to see the photo though - not looked like that since I owned it. It's bright yellow these days with fixed headlights and revolution wheels. It's my car that's on Wikipedia if you look up Davrian photographed in 2007-

Thanks for the photo!


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Re: Is this yours?.

Post by Soyuz »

This car looks very much like a car I looked at in Sheffield many years ago, Was it green at one time? Just the headlamps and 5 spoke revolutions make me think it could be the same car.

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Re: Is this yours?.

Post by aidanhall »

Yes I owned that car in Sheffield 1996 to 1998 I think. Rich I'm going to PM you, would love to know if you have any pictures of your restoration.. I think you bought it from me!

I missed it ever since I sold it :(

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