VKM180H Previous owners

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VKM180H Previous owners

Post by Nobbys1956 »

My Davrian is now near completion and I would be gratefull if any previous owners could contact me. I know very little about the car and a very sketchy thin history file. Hopefully it may bring back some memories.
I will photograph the car today and add pics.
The car is that which appears on the net if you type Davrian MK4 - IMAGES the car is top left marked Richard Devall. I have restored the car to this image.
Best regards John Clark

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Re: VKM180H Previous owners

Post by Heafoc »

Gosh I owned vkm180h for a long time after Richie Duvall but after Richie It was in Exeter owned by a Ford main dealer mechanic then moved to Bath where It was off the road in a mess It was used almost everyday as regular transport by me for about 11years I think.

Ian Thompson

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Re: VKM180H Previous owners

Post by intrepid »

I was very fortunate to get copies of all previous owners of my car as Alan, the previous owner, had managed to get copies of all the V5 changes from the DVLA. I am not sure if they would still oblige but might be worth enquiring. One of the owners of my car was a Vicar who used to visit his congregation in it!

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