Davrian Mk6

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Re: Davrian Mk6

Post by Dave6091 »

A very kind offer, thanks Tom.

We have since spoken on the phone and will see what time Tom has available after finishing his own car and helping Gary along with his. Altho i have done a lot of the body repairs it still needs a lot of shaping and surface prep and my eyesight is not as sharp as it used to be. I shall pop down in the coming weeks for tea and a chat.


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Re: Davrian Mk6

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Hiya Dave - keep meaning to post on here but as you have said previously, life is just flashing by. I had a fairly serious thought about getting back into a Davrian again, but all the time my Skyline is being trouble free I can't really go for the big D again lol.
Yes I sold the Clan shell too, so nothing special to keep my attention anymore.

How's 6091 coming along now? I see your last post it was waiting paint - did you get her sorted? Would love to see photos of her, whether finished or not. I do miss her :(

Take care and speak soon, Nick

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