Looking for an owner with Nissan Sunny/Pulsar GTIR parts

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Looking for an owner with Nissan Sunny/Pulsar GTIR parts

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This might seem like a strange enquiry but I'm hoping you can help me find a specific Darrian/Davrian owner.

A few years ago I met a gentleman at a Castle Combe Rally Day. I was in my Nissan Pulsar GTIR and we got talking because he said he had a bunch of old but unused GTIR parts for sale. He explained that he was a Darrian/Davrian owner and that many years ago had picked up the Nissan parts along with the Darrian and parts, or something like this I forget the exact circumstances...

I didn't take the mans details at this time as I had no spare money and no need for a bunch of gtir parts. Looking back I wish I had as I have become quite the fanatic and wonder if these parts are still for sale?

Do you have any clue who this person might be and/or how I would go about finding this person?

Many thanks in advance for your time and any help or advice you may have!

Kind regards,

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