Front Discs on Imp based Mk6a

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Front Discs on Imp based Mk6a

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My Davrian Mk6a is presently being fully restored as a future Track Day car. Looking to replace the present solid front discs (off a Viva originally I think) with the biggest that will fit into 13" wheels and Imp hubs. Any recommendations and where to buy complete sets / adaptor plates etc
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Re: Front Discs on Imp based Mk6a

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Contact Tim Duffee, he has all the information.
He supplied me front and back discs for my Mk6a.
Dave Cooper

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Re: Front Discs on Imp based Mk6a

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I fitted a front set supplied by Colin Valentine, he is an active Imp Club member and can be contacted via the Hillman Imp Facebook page, its a great kit comprising stainless adaptors, for Fiesta calipers, bolts and spacers, braided hoses, and turned down and redrilled fiesta discs, also try contacting Richard Marchant on the Facebook page: Clarks BMW-IMP Conversions, he has an engineering firm that has been making the adaptor plates for the BMW engine conversion but he has also manufactured some adaptor brackets for a disc conversion.

As far as I know there is nothing readily available for the rears, I've asked Tim, he used to supply a kit that used Sierra rear calipers, but unless things have changed within the last couple of years he no longer does. I use mine regularly on the track and out brake almost everything, running a Fiesta front conversion and drums on the rear with VG95 linings, a rear disc conversion is however on my to do list, along with an adjustable bias box.

Hope that helps.

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