Do you value the forum?

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Do you value the forum?

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The forum has been up and running since 2009 and during that time we have seen the membership creep up to 107. Over the years we have hosted the forum on free sites but these proved problematic with limited up time. Over the last year we have been using Amazon and the service has been fantastic however our trial year has expired and we have had to sign up for a paid service.

I have stumped up the cash for the next year but we have decided to place a donation button on the site to help offset some of the costs - if you value the service and would like to contribute that would be great - there is no fixed amount and you can give what you want.

As Mr. Tesco says "every little helps!!"


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Re: Do you value the forum?

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It would be helpful to know what the annual running costs are so that an appropriate donation can be made.
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