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Davrian at Goodwood

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Talking to Lee Barnes earlier today and he told me about this footage from 1986, that Chris Snowden had uploaded onto You Tube recently.


This is now Lee’s red Mk7 when Chris Snowden owned it on a test day at Goodwood in 86.

After Chris had it, it went to Tony McQueen and then Lee bought it.

Can’t believe how basic Goodwood used to be.

This is picture that I took in 1987 when I was over there and Chris was running it on that day .
Chris Snowden, Goodwood 1987.jpg
Chris Snowden, Goodwood 1987.jpg (395.87 KiB) Viewed 4256 times
Thruxton 2nd June 2018, Lee.jpg
Thruxton 2nd June 2018, Lee.jpg (222.06 KiB) Viewed 4255 times
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