Davrian Mk6a For Sale

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Davrian Mk6a For Sale

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Well the day has finally come to part company with my Mk6a.

If you are familiar with this site you can find the details of work done under the Car Logger section.

The car is exempt from Tax and MOT and is roadworthy. It needs a bit of finishing - window frames need putting back in and it needs a respray but apart from that she’s all there and ready to go.

I have a load of spares too which will go with the car and a new front end to put it back to pop up headlights (again I have the parts).

If you are interested I suggest you drop me a DM for my phone number and we can have a chat.


Photos from 2017 when the car was put back on the road and taken to the 50th anniversary of the marque.

9B980225-36FB-407E-A64D-60A71B4ACDA7.jpeg (1.23 MiB) Viewed 5100 times
71F414F6-E5E7-4A3F-9B31-81E244ADABAF.jpeg (1.14 MiB) Viewed 5100 times
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