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XUO 459K - Now FM-737-HR

Posted: Sun Nov 20, 2022 10:03 pm
by kistinie
Was alive for a few minutes when bought, just a day before Covid lockdown.
Became asleep until i could take her home a few month later.
Then at the first drive, the beauty was sent back to rest for gasket leaks, likely overheated too.
I was much disappointed, feared to discover important damages, and had too much other work to start to open the plant.
I forgot her, until a few weeks ago. At least the car is nice to look at.

As i also need an engine and boxfor a Clan project, 2 days ago i bought a spare 875 sport engine and box said to be excellent ready to use to drop in the Davrian, my best option for the moment as i still do not have much time.

When looking closer to the nice looking engine and boxe once home, i first discovered the flywheel is a useless 930, and the engine and box miss many parts...Including a part of the engine bloc that likely had a meeting with a rock or pavement.

So the answer to the question is, currently, a good potential, living dead Davrian. Same for the owner's mood. ... 700&type=3