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Davian mk4

Posted: Tue May 23, 2023 2:11 pm
by Nobbys1956
I hope this post meets the requirements of the forum
I have had this Davrian mk4 from 2011.
I purchased it as a project. I researched the car and found a picture of it back in the 80's when owned by a Mr Devall.
As purchased the car was bright yellow and needed a lot of work.
I restored the car back to the period of Mr Devall, a picture of the car can be found at the New Davrian Register i belIeve its NRM1
It came with an enormous amount of new spares which were used to rebuild the car, brakes, bushes (supaflex)
uj's bearings, e,t,c.
There are 3 spare cylinder heads, camshafts, gearboxes, gaskets, suspension arms and parts. and so on.
There is also a race engine which I have the spec for. Most of the work was carried out by Torquespeed. The head is claimed to be a Greetham stage 3
all of this i need to verify.
The engine in the car is a bit smoky probably due to lack of use it was always my intention to fit the race engine.
The car was painted many years ago, some defects and stress cracks have appeared but nothing serious. Also retrimmed to make more comfortable.
The car has only been driven in my garden, the tyres still have the labels.

The problem is now my health. 12 years have passed since i purchased the car.
It is very difficult to get in the car and even more so to get out!!
The problem I have is the cars worth? I will sell it with all the spare parts which in themselves must be worth a fair amount. I am unable to find any cars in the same condition to even get a benchmark figure.
Or the 39 cars made i have no idea how many have survived. One thing is for sure as with all Davrians it is the only one of its kind it looks great with the Opel rear lights.
If anybody can give me any ideas i will be very grateful, and i apologise if this post is unsuitable.Image