How many left?.

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How many left?.

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Just been viewing the Mk4 for sale posted by Matnrach, reading the blurb it says 'one of three left from thirty', i wonder where all the others went!!. Some say that Davrian fiddled the figures somewhat and our cars are rarer than we think or there are a lot of dead Davrians sitting (resting) in garages.
My own guess is that most of the missing cars would have survived due to little or no scrap value and being small enough to tuck away somewhere.
Perhaps we should start listing known survivors in a designated place on the forum.

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Re: How many left?.

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I've added a section called Dead or Alive and placed our car in the surviving category... over to you!
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Re: How many left?.

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There are two Mk 5's in Burton upon Trent,one belongs to Steve Mason and I have the other.
How many towns can boast two Davrians.

Steve's is maroon with gold wheels and mine is ford focus pearlised orange.

I'm looking out some pics to post in the near future, but in the meanwhile,it's a pleasant surprise to know that there are other like minded souls about with a 40 year old obsession.

I'll have a word with Steve to see if he is aware of


Tony Redgwick
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